Vocatus Consulting AG & Co. KG

Lack of compulsion:
Participation is voluntary.
Any data we collect is treated in strict confidence.
The responses that are submitted to us are evaluated in anonymised form only, provided your express consent to a non-anonymous evaluation is not present.
Involvement of third parties:
A disclosure of personal survey data to any third party requires your express consent.
Consent can be withdrawn at any time:
If you have been contacted by our company within the context of a survey and now intend to inform us that you no longer wish to take part in future surveys, please contact us in writing at our company address or email us at dataprotection@voccon.de.
Please ensure that you also mention any details of the survey (such as the number from which you were called or the email you received from us) as well as the contact data you wish to be blocked. This will enable us to assign your data to a given survey.